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Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and 5 million users, 50% in Tunisia conneecté constantly. Through its advertising tool facebook ads, social network offers great opportunities to enable companies to reach new customers and increase sales. Facebook offers more than 90 ads targeting criteria that can be crossed each other to provide optimal results.

With Facebook ads, you can target a street, a city by choosing gender, age, language, preferences and interests.

People can get directions to your store, upload your application, watch your videos, add an item to a shopping cart or take another action on your website.
We will always make sure to keep you abreast of the performance of your Facebook ads and use your budget. You can also access auGestionnaire advertising, our advertising tool for managing and monitoring performance. And when you’re traveling, you can use the same advertisements Manager application.

Our contribution to your facebook campaign ads

E2BUSINESS CONSULTING has the expertise and resources necessary to assist companies in launching their campaigns.

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Kais Khenine

Mohamed Kais KHENINE currently works as a National Consultant in Virtual Market Place with the International Trade Center, Business Analyst, Trainer and Consultant in Digital strategy in the company which he founded E2BUSINESS CONSULTING, and teacher at Central Polytechnic Private School of Tunis . He is also certified by the International Trade Center in export through virtual marketplaces, he hold a Bachelor diploma in Management of Financial Institutions from the High School of Business of Tunis and an MBA in Technology Management from Laval University in Canada.