VAKAY Eyewear

Souhir Ben Fredj

VAKAY is a trademark of Carthage Eyewear, created June 6, 2015 and with a registered capital of 200,000 dinars. The company manufactures sunglasses and African wood for artistic hand-crafted, all 100% made in Tunisia,

The company has a range of 17 products mainly made of African wood, among the eyewear models available: Streetwalker, Linebacker, Charlie, Ba Bosco, Mr Miles, Meo, Ong … Bosco, Vakay also offers wooden accessories such the bracelets and wooden bow ties.

Nationally, the company has several national distributors in several cities including Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Mehdia, Sfax.

On the international level, the company was able to sell its products or by developing partnerships with commercial agents or distributors who enjoy the exclusive distribution of products on a given marketé.

To target more foreign markets and export these products internationally, VAKAY considering selling its products on the market places. To do this, she told E2BUSINESS CONSULTING realization of this project:

  • Choice of marketplaces: Once the identified markets, we have proposed a list of market instead B2B or B2C likely to have the audiance in these markets.
  • Prepare the content (product photos, description, video) to set up the markets seats
  • Development of a digital action plan on selected market places that should accompany the use of market places
  • Train the company’s staff

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Souhir Ben Fredj

Souhir Ben Fredj

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