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Souhir Ben Fredj

GT Consulting is a consulting firm for management training, human resource management and marketing. Its mission is to advise and support customers in the implementation of best practices and assist them in achieving their functional projects.
His approach is based on the ability of their consultants to manage projects by combining their functional expertise to the most appropriate management methodologies in the context of your business.

Proof of its professionalism, GT Consulting is a partner with several international organizations.

GTConsulting has a dynamic, sustainable and keen to deliver a quality service that provides clear answers to the expectations of its clients and customized solutions to assist them in their projects.

To further enrich their experience and expand its business, GT Consulting has decided to export these services internationally.

That’s why she turned to E2BUSINESS CONSULTING to accompany the realization of this project while:

  • Realizing an export diagnosis: the new target foreign markets.
  • Analyze potential new customers
  • Accompany firm in the choice of virtual marketplaces on which it plans to sell its products and services
  • Develop a digital action plan on the selected marketplaces
  • Training of salesmen to the new demands of foreign markets.

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Souhir Ben Fredj

Souhir Ben Fredj

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