SOMOPRINT: Plateform

Souhir Ben Fredj

Founded in 2014, the SOMOPRINT company specializes in the marketing of mobile telephony product under the brand tryandbuy, otherwise it opened a Samsung Experience Store in North Urban Center in Tunis.

With the experience of its founder, a former senior executive with more than 10 past and in the distribution sector of mobile products, the company was able to increase its market share, but every day she suffered fierce competition both e-commerce sites that are selling prices and products from the parallel market that are sold cheaper.

To address these threats, the company plans to change its strategy, instead of opening new stores, SOMOPRINT decided to create an e-commerce platform called “Tryandbuy” which will be specialized in the online sale of phones and TVs and computers.

This platform provides an opportunity for the company as it will allow it to reach a wider target through internet and reduce investments in real estate.

To do this, the SOMOPRINT company appealed to the E2BUSINESS company to conduct a feasibility study and a business plan that will allow it to analyze the market and competition, establishing a digital strategy, identify the resources policy human and adapted it to assess the financial viability of the project.

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Souhir Ben Fredj

Souhir Ben Fredj

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