Souhir Ben Fredj

Present on the IT market in Tunisia, SWIBINFO assembled a team of professional engineers with transferable skills.

It is responsible for performing a wide variety of IT projects for clients located in Tunisia.

Due to its proven methodology and the human scale of its teams, it has always been able to show a high reactivity.

Through various large projects SWIB has acquired real expertise in systems development under the JEE platform, Microsoft.Net ..

His team is rich with product experts and developers confirmed in the following areas:

  • iOS, Android and HTML
SWIB offers its customers:
  • His mastery of mobile technologies and software development.
  • And also the expertise of its teams in terms of ergonomics / design, piloting and implementation of mobile and web development projects.

Its new strategy is to enter the international market, and to expand its business.

To do this, the SWIBINFO company has chosen to market its products and services on virtual market places, and it has entrusted the implementation of this project E2BUSINESS CONSULTING that accompanied the society on:

  • Realization of an export diagnosis: the new target foreign markets.
  • Analysis of potential new customers
  • Accompaniment of the company in the choice of virtual marketplaces on which it plans to sell its products and services
  • Develop a digital action plan on the selected marketplaces.
  • Training of salesmen to the new demands of foreign markets.

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Souhir Ben Fredj

Souhir Ben Fredj

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