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Because your digital transition involves working with the "good" providers…


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Digital transformation

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Business and Strategy Upgrade diagnosis

Your needs:

The upgrade diagnosis, covers all functions of the company taking into account the national and international context.
It allows for each function to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company and to define the strategic directions of its development and the actions to be undertaken for this purpose and constituting the Plan of Upgrading.
The Upgrade Plan includes tangible and intangible actions that must be consistent and consistent, as well as an assessment of their costs and a timeline of their achievements.


Our Service:

We can support you in achieving your growth objectives by upgrading your structures and adopting a suitable business continuity plan.
E2BUSINESS CONSULTING puts the experience of its consultants at the service of its customers, companies of all sectors, within the scope of SME diagnosis and upgrading, ensuring in particular:

  • Diagnosis of financial and accounting functions
  • Evaluation of the technical function and maintenance,
  • Analysis of the commercial function,
  • Development of the Business Plan and Action Plan,
  • Organizational and management diligence
  • Evaluation of the information system,

Added Value For Customers:

Through the Upgrade Diagnostics service, the customer will be able to understand:

  • The strategic positioning of his company in relation to national and international competition
  • The inventory of the functions of his company: commercial, technical, financial, human resources management and information system
  • Medium- and long-term objectives and intervention strategy according to the leader’s vision

Finally, the client will have at his disposal, an upgrade plan to implement to achieve the objectives selected