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Because your digital transition involves working with the "good" providers…


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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business…

Digital transformation Digital transformation

The digital invades our environment at an accelerated pace. Digital channels are multiplying and their uses are gaining momentum to end customers and businesses. This brings upheaval in business models, business models, sometimes with major impacts throughout the value chain.

Moreover, the digital is a simplification of deposit and automation of processes and interactions, which gives the digital a cost reduction of power, particularly coveted by companies in a context of economic slowdown.

But when talking about digital, we speak actually a very wide variety of transformations. They may relate to products and services, innovation policy, relationship and customer service, operations, recovery of data assets, the employees working methods, management and the cultivation of talents and the brand strategy, with usually an impact that simultaneously covers several of these areas.

These transformations are complex because they are at the crossroads of technology, competitive strategies, client expectations and regulations. It must be done in a short time, with a certain degree of risk and repeatedly over time in light of technological cycles become shorter … so many challenges for organizations, their management and their employees.

In this context, Kurt Salmon is a partner of choice for a digital approach, tailored to its customers’ businesses, addressing all dimensions of transformation and able to support end to end, from strategy to the implementation implemented.

Indeed, Kurt Salmon accompanies the digital transformations in different industries and therefore knows the dynamics and priorities specific to each sector. This industry expertise enables us to advise our clients on the most relevant digital levers for its core businesses and optimize the economic benefits and image they can extract.

Our multi-sector presence and animation every day of our network of experts abroad allows us to bring global perspectives and accelerators benchmarks upstream strategies. Our comprehensive intellectual capital that vision and gives our customers a head start in the major digital transformation of waves.

Finally we are able to mobilize within digital projects all functional skills necessary for processing (strategy, organization, processes, IT, change management, HR, ..) and if we need to surround specialized partners, with as fundamental ambition to help our clients from idea to reality