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Because your digital transition involves working with the "good" providers…


Because your digital transition need that the company's staff should…

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business…

Digital transformation Marketplaces

The Marketplaces what is it ?

The Marketplaces (market places) are e-commerce sites that have a high profile and enable you to view your catalog in exchange for a percentage of your sales. The Marketplaces became a passage of choice for e-buyers who compare more before making their purchases..


In a “classic e-commerce website” it is you who sell products directly to customers. If you have a marketplace is that other sellers will complete the sale “with you.” It is a work of visibility and linking. Think of it as a kind of gallery market 2.0.

Note that a marketplace can both enable the linkage between individuals (C2C Consumer to Consumer), professionals (B2C Business to Consumer), or between professionals (B2B Business to Business). Being present on Marketplaces, is reach millions of shoppers!

E2B Consuting so take care of your presence on the most appropriate marketplaces in your off Product !