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Because your digital transition involves working with the "good" providers…


Because your digital transition need that the company's staff should…

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business…

Digital transformation Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics ?

The web analytics refers to the activity of analyzing the audience and visiting behavior on a website. It can also be defined as the art of using the data from web analysis tools in the service of the performance of a website.

The web analytics is defined as “the activity measurement, collection analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.”

web analytique

The web analytics enables:

  • measure the profitability of an Internet presence (excluding commercial sites)
  • analyze site performance, particularly through the conversion process
  • detect ergonomics / usability problems
  • measure and eventually qualify audience
  • to identify the sources of visits
  • measure the effectiveness and profitability of different marketing channels used
  • perform ergonomic testing and marketing

Web analytics, a critical step in the company’s evolution

To reach the top of a certain sphere, we need continuous efforts, constant, calculated and precise in one direction. How to determine a foolproof action plan that will work? With statistics and valuable data analytics tools!

E2BUSINESS CONSULTING offers services in measuring the exact impact of each of your developments on your website.