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E2BUSINESS offers different training options to help you make the most of your data.

Quickly optimize your performance and knowledge with E2BUSINESS during classical indoor training sessions, live Internet sessions and customized on-demand courses. Our training programs help you master your software solution and integrate it into your workflow and organization. Learn from our experts and make the most of your investment in Table products.

FREE on-demand training

Our free online training consists of sessions recorded on the Internet and available wherever you are. Learn on the Internet at your own pace.

  • Initiation: step by step explanation of the connection to the data, the creation of visualizations and much more.
    Advanced option: Over 30 videos covering topics such as efficiency, calculations, statistics, mapping and much more.
    Server: These videos cover all topics, from use to Tableau Server administration.
    Types of charts: Learn how to draw special charts, from funnel charts to Bollinger tapes.

FREE Internet Live Training

Real-time, online instructor-led training sessions with date, time and subject matter planned.

Beginners: Interactive and entertaining introductory courses to learn how to visually analyze data.
Advanced option: move from beginner to expert in 60 minutes. Our advanced training sessions will make you a real specialist in Table products.

Classroom Training

Our instructor-led classroom training is delivered in every region of the world, in virtual rooms or on the premises of your organization. Our trainings aim to develop your knowledge through practice. To achieve this goal, our experts guide you through intensive courses that allow you to make the best use of Table software.

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